Matteos is a high end Spanish label, presenting collections in Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid for many seasons,  that has fast becoming well known for its exclusivity and exceptional craftsmanship, producing ready to wearluxury wear and bridal collections.

The essence of the brand, created in La Coruña in 2006, is the perfect combination of very feminine and quality garments that flow between the artisan and the modern. The result, elegant and sophisticated clothing with a vintage and classic seal in which you see the love for the job well done. Matteos debuted his first collection in Spain during Barcelona Fashion Week. An overwhelming response resulted in amazing success and phenomenal growth for the brand and within a few short years, Matteos has proven it self as an International luxury brand 

It is a fashion company committed to the "Slow Fashion", where quality is not only focused on durability, but like the pioneer movement "Slow Food" includes respect and conservation ethical and organic raw materials, as well as an attempt to preserve local traditions and materials. For this reason all Matteos´s collection are entirely manufactured in Spain.

Matteos collections are aimed at a niche market of sophisticated and secure individuals, who bet like him on the defense of sustainable and "Eco Fashion" through hand crafted materials and high quality textures. So he offers quality garments, targeting a unique and dynamic woman who uses her wardrobe as a way of expression.


Matteos strive to fulfill the needs of the clients who seek exceptional service and an absolute commitment in creating unique creations that only the Matteos team experts can offer.

Our relentless pursuit of perfection and innovation in design and techniques is what makes the big diference.


In each garment Matteos puts great attention to detail, excellent quality fabrics, and the careful work of pattern making is appreciated.

The Craftmanship and the dedication with which each garment is made brings a top quality finish.

In our collections merging together almost minimal silhouettes, moderately structured and in occasions convertible  with a hipster fashion design  who challenges traditional perspectives and opinions of the reinterpretation of conventional cuts.

Taking them to a crossroads of authenticity and sophistication, mixing clean lines and timeless vintage inspiration, to create an atmosphere without limits or restrictions